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FindDQE on Gatan K2 with energy filter

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I've been using FindDQE to characterize our cameras and monitor them over time for any arising problems. Recently we installed a new microscope with a Gatan K2 behind an energy filter. The results from FindDQE are significantly worse than on our other K2. Talking to Gatan, they said it was because the pointer is too far from the final image, and that the mask they have right in front of the camera would be the proper solution. Unfortunately FindDQE does not like this mask image. I think this is because the dark areas cross all of the borders of the screen. Is it possible to modify the software so it will like this sort of image?

Attached are the mask image, and the MTF plot comparing K2 on a scope without an energy filter (Krios1) with one with an energy filter (Krios2), both calculated using the pointer.


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Gatan is correct that FindDQE

Gatan is correct that FindDQE fails when the pointer image is blurry. The software could be modified to deal with different geometries but there are no plans to do so at the moment.

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FindDQE with K3 behind Bioquantum

Have plans changed regarding modification of the code to deal with the post Bioquantum mask? Gatan is difficult to deal with to get any sort of objective assessment of their K2 and K3 detectors so it would be great if there were a way to monitor the performance independently of them. If so that would be great. Thanks.

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We are working on a new

We are working on a new version of FindDQE that should be usable with an edge generated by the Bioquantum mask. The new version might be done in about a month from now. Please check back here.