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Falcon3 counting mode

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I ran FindDQE on a beamstop image taken by Falcon3 counting mode (dose rate = 0.92e/p/s, total dose = 55e). The DQE goes above 1. The output is attached. Is there anything abnormal?

logdqe2.txt113.03 KB
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Hey s.wu, I am wondering

Hey s.wu,

I am wondering whether you found a way out. We are experiencing the same issue right now. We triple checked the dose right before acquisition. Images were acquired in electron counting mode at dose rate of 0.6 e/px/s (total dose per pixel 40), as measured with EPU (1.9.1) and the Falcon Reference Image Manager. We still get a DQE well above 1.0.

Have you sorted it out?

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A DQE above 1 suggests that

A DQE above 1 suggests that the total exposure was higher than what you entered. Please make sure you have the total exposure correct. Some software may alter the counts by some factor and this can then lead to incorrect assumed exposure values.