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Magnification Distortion vs Pixel Size

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Duncan Sousa
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The table attached below from your paper has magnifications going down to 14kx. Does your camera have gold rings at that magnification (implying a <1.0 Å/pix pixel size)? If not how was the mag. distortion calculated and which 'powder diffraction' rings from what sample were used?

Additionally, do you have a graph of 'best resolution' vs. % distortion?

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Hi Duncan, I used super

Hi Duncan,

I used super resolution on the K2 in order to image the gold rings.

I don't have a graph of best resolution vs percent distortion, it is kind of complicated, and depends on the radius. So for something big, there is essentially no problem in the centre, and a large problem at the edge. Either way, the resolution is never truly limited with infinite particles there would be no problem. A "dumb" rule of thumb i use is the radius * the %distortion. So for a 350A radius virus and 2% distortion you would be limited to 350*0.02 = 7A at the edge, and not limited at all in the centre.