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I would like to repeat classification using the same number of classes but from a different randomization of parameters to test the robustness of class occupancy. I vaguely recall there was a random number seed option in an older version of frealign but I'm not sure if this applied to rsample or not. Is there still such an option in the newer versions? Is there a description of rsample.exe somewhere so I could implement similar randomization on my own?
Thanks in advance

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The rsample program uses a

The rsample program uses a fixed seed for the random number generator, so repeating the "randomization" will yield the same set of random numbers. One way to achieve what you would like to do is to ask rsample to generate different numbers of randomized parameter files from the input file, and then selecting a subset of them for seeding a new classification run in Frealign. Changing the number of randomized parameter files will produce different random number series, and selecting different subsets for further processing randomizes this further.