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The Paper Rejection Repository

Nobody likes to receive a letter from the editor of your favorite journal letting you know that your paper was rejected. Some journals have begun including reviewers’ comments with accepted papers to make the views of experts available to the reader. However, often the paper has been submitted to several journals and rejected before it is finally accepted. The rejection letters and comments are equally useful in helping to judge what kind of papers might be acceptable to a journal, and what kind of comments lead to rejections. Rather than hiding these low points in the trajectory of a scientific paper, this forum offers a place to publish these letters and comments to educate others.

If you would like to post your own rejection letters and comments, please log in (register on the page first), click on ‘Upload rejection’, fill in details requested on the form and attach a PDF containing all the material you would like to share. If you cannot answer the questions posed by the captcha on the registration page, please email Nikolaus Grigorieff for help.

Please remove any information that might be regarded as confidential and post only rejections of papers that were ultimately accepted by a journal.

For some background on this repository, please read our blog post on The repository was also highlighted in posts on Science Careers and The Scientist.


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Posted Onsort icon Title Rejected By Ultimately Published In
22 Jul 2010 Near-atomic resolution using electron cryomicroscopy and single-particle reconstruction Nature 2008, PNAS 105, 1867–1872 @
23 Jul 2010 Quaternary Structure of a Mature Amyloid Fibril from Alzheimer's Aβ(1-40) Peptide Nature, PNAS 2006, J. Mol. Biol. 362:347–354 @
23 Jul 2010 The dynein regulatory complex is the nexin link and a major regulatory node in cilia and flagella CELL 2009, J. Cell Biol. 187:921–933 @
28 Jul 2010 Conformational changes in the C terminus of Shaker K+ channel bound to the rat Kvβ2-subunit EMBO J 2003, PNAS 100:12607–12612 @
28 Jul 2010 Visualization of the Domain Structure of an L-type Ca2+ Channel Using Electron Cryo-microscopy EMBO J 2003, J. Mol. Biol. 332:171–182 @
28 Jul 2010 Three-Dimensional Structure of Ito: Kv4.2-KChIP2 Ion Channels by Electron Microscopy at 21Å Resolution Nature 2004, Neuron 41:513–519 @
28 Jul 2010 Ito Channels Are Octomeric Complexes with Four Subunits of Each Kv4.2 and K+ Channel-interacting Protein 2 Nature Neuroscience 2004, J. Biol. Chem. 279:5549–5554 @
28 Jul 2010 Three-Dimensional Structure of a Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel at 2.5 nm Resolution Nature, NSMB 2001, Structure 9:215–220 @
28 Jul 2010 Paired β-sheet structure of an Aβ(1-40) amyloid fibril revealed by electron microscopy Nature, Science 2008, PNAS 105:7462–7466 @
28 Jul 2010 Molecular interactions in rotavirus assembly and uncoating seen by high-resolution cryo-EM Science 2009, PNAS 106:10644–10648 @